Marketing Tactics Need an Underlying Marketing Strategy

May 31st, 2008 | By | Category: Marketing and Promotion

When it comes to promoting your business or professional practice, you’ll soon find that your success depends on both the tactics and strategy that you employ to succeed. Without both, your marketing efforts lack focus and end up wasting precious time and money.

What is strategy?
Strategy is the overall large-scale plan, employing a variety of tactics to achieve your goals.

What are tactics?
Tactics are the individual movements or maneuvers you use in achieving your goals.

Marketing Strategy and Tactics.
The two are similar, but not interchangeable. This is why a specific tactic will work for one business, but not another. Your marketing strategy must direct the overall goals of your tactics.
Your successful promotion depends upon a comprehensive strategy that has a solid goal and an array of tactics you can use to achieve it.

Example: You run an advertisement in a local newspaper, and you may get a few walk-ins or phone calls. You have executed the tactic, but there is no strategy, so your efforts are weakened.

If, however, your strategy is to alert many potential clients to your business’s grand opening or other special event, you may want to employ several different tactics working in concert to achieve your overall goal:

  • Schedule a special event at your business where you will be providing something special or interesting.
  • Now that you have created an interesting upcoming event, you can issue a press release to the local newspapers.
  • Send postcards to households in the neighborhood.
  • Consider advertising on a local radio station on a relevant show that would have your potential clients as listeners.
  • Join your local professional society at least 3 months before your event and start building relationships with your peers.
  • Send personal letters to professionals in your area who may become part of your referral network.
  • Send personal letters to civic organizations announcing your event – you may need to find out how far in advence to do this in order to be mentioned in their newsletter or events calendar.
  • Join your local chamber of commerce, go to 3 meetings before your event, get to know the movers and shakers in your community, and announce your event through the chamber of commerce.

Your marketing strategy is what allows you to determine who you are trying to get your message to, what tactics will allow you to best convey the information and what “action” you want your potential clients to take. The tactics are the method you use to achieve your purpose. Together, strategy and tactics put you in control of your promotion.

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  3. These are great tips on how to market a professional practice. I particularly like the bullet points you give.

    Jose, do you find most doctors struggle with implementing a marketing strategy?

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  5. Janice says:


    I just want to say that I am glad that I found your blog! When you first go in business there are so many things to think about that you really forget that to become proserous you have to learn how to sell and market your services effectively. As most people that I am sure you have heard from before I do not like sales (because I’m not used to doing it) but I took the time to read all your posts and I feel alot more knowledgeable and confident that I will overcome my marketing and advertising fears. Thank you and I am bookmarking this blog so I can return frequently when I am in need of a quick kick in the butt to keep me going.


  6. mungei says:

    i like the insight….very informative.
    i think i will become aregular reader of the blog.
    lets see wats next first.