Physician Rating System Supported by NY Attorney General Cuomo

Jan 21st, 2008 | By | Category: Physician News

Physician Rating Systems are Growing in Popularity

Collaborative rating systems, primarily used to share opinions on internet storefronts like, are now becoming more and more mainstream. Recently, a number of physician rating systems are being used to evaluate individual practitioners and hospital systems.

Before the New Year, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo released a statement from his office publicizing the joint venture of five of the state‚Äôs largest insurers on a unified physician rating system. This system, crafted by the attorney general’s office, will be applied to all physicians in each respective plan with the goal of allowing patients to compare physicians using a broad set of criteria, including patient satisfaction, quality of service, cost of services and efficiency.

To ensure fairness in this process, there will be some state oversight to oversee the process of ranking.

There has been serious concern over other insurer-sponsored physician rating systems that they tend to overemphasize cost issues over quality of service and other considerations, so New York’s introduction of a ratings examiner to help balance rating factors is a welcome improvement. Other ratings systems have been criticized as tools used by insurers to steer patients to lower cost providers.

In Minnesota, a similar method of providing information to the public about physicians and hospitals is being implemented. Several insurers, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, are now providing websites that allow the public to post comments regarding individual physicians and hospitals.

While rating systems for physicians have been available through general review websites like for some time, portals like the ones in New York and Minnesota now make it easier than ever for patients to share their opinion about your services and practices. As a physician business person, you can use these reviews as a barometer for the way your practice is perceived by your patients. Take the time to peruse them and implement changes as you see fit.

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